With rapid globalisation, every successful business needs to tackle the challenges associated with overseas staffing. High-quality ex-pat workers can be a huge asset when starting a new business venture. Essential as overseas staffing is, there are a few key points that need to be kept in mind for proper execution. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to partner with a reliable staffing agency with the expertise needed.

Local Compliance & Documentation

Every country has its own set of laws & regulations for employment, pension, perks and taxation which is further complicated by the fact that it may differ for locals as compared to ex-pats in ways that is not easily understood. Proper compliance with the relevant laws also means stacks of documentation that needs to be generated, verified & submitted which can become a huge hassle.

The right staffing agency would have exhaustive research to ensure they are aware of all the laws & the understanding of the bureaucracy to ensure all documentation is handled smoothly.

Difference In Culture & Language

It can be very challenging if the country in which the business is operating doesn’t share the language or culture with the recruit. Having someone who speaks the employee’s mother tongue can help the employee transition into the new job in a much better way.

Due to variation in work cultures, ex-pat workers may need to be explained the difference in work expectations or responsibilities between their home country & host country. The employment contract explained in detail in a language the employee understands is also a major plus point that having a knowledgeable staffing partner can have on your overseas staffing plans.

Probation & Termination Policies

Very often the regulations in regards to workers on probation will be different for each country. The same applies to termination where legally valid reasons can vary from country to country. These can be highly confusing to a company’s in house HR department which would not be aware of all the minutiae.

Therefore to ensure the hiring & firing of overseas staff is properly compliant with all the relevant labour laws of the host country, it is a very valid reason for businesses to tap into the knowledge bank of staffing agencies that have experience in foreign placements. Similarly, no-compete clauses or strict guidelines on the protection of proprietary information are also a minefield that can be easily navigated with the help of a reliable staffing agency.

Evaluation Of Experience & Knowledge

Looking to hire international employees poses a very unique challenge in the form of having to understand the equivalency of educational degrees, nature of work experiences in particular work designations & more. It can be a tiresome & time-consuming exercise for a company’s in-house HR department to try and do the required research towards understanding a candidate’s suitability.

The same thorough understanding can be tapped into at a fraction of the cost & energy by involving a reputable overseas staffing partner. Whether it is for contract staff or permanent hiring, every business can tap into the amazing overseas talent available by doing the same. These are just an overview of the reasons why any business looking to succeed internationally should be looking at a reliable overseas staffing partner like TNT Business Services. If you have any more queries feel free to reach out to us.

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