Top Challenges Solved By Contract Staffing Solutions In India

Retaining Existing Employees

Earlier generations in our workforce tended to favour sticking with a particular job & bothered about changing jobs in the rarest of situations. Factors like job satisfaction, contribution to society, etc. tended to be non-existent. But the modern generation of workers does not subscribe to the same notions.

The modern worker understands & tends to look at changing jobs if the current job is not quite what they expected or not aligned with their expected career graph. They have no hesitation in quitting and looking for another job if their expectations are not met.

Therefore it is a great idea to hire new workers as temporary staff on contract first. This ensures both the employees and employers have a trial time. During this time, if both parties feel like they are compatible, the temporary employment can be turned into a full-time job offer.

This process while preferable can attract extra paperwork and processing resulting in added extra work to a company’s HR department. Therefore taking advantage of a staffing agency like TNT Business Services can help in executing a contract staffing plan in the best way possible helping retain top hires. They help streamline the entire process from the joining formalities to the final relieving letter ensuring reduced pressure on the HR department.

Reactive Hiring

A brand new project that your company has attracted may need unique skills not present in your current workforce or just need increased manpower. Similarly, unexpected major attrition in an already ongoing project might create vacancies that need to be filled to avoid unwanted delays in execution.

Making top-quality permanent hiring requires extensive talent search & exhaustive interviews ensuring the whole process is extremely time-consuming.

A company cannot always predict its hiring needs accurately & therefore contract temp staffing is the best solution, even more so if extra requirements might not be a long-term thing.

After making the temporary hire, if the requirement does last longer, you can easily convert it into a permanent hire. The processing of these temporary staff can be outsourced to temp staffing agencies like TNT Business Service.

Relevant Laws Compliance

The task of hiring staff on a temporary contract is not always simple & straightforward. There are a whole set of laws and regulations that needs to be followed completely to avoid legal trouble in the future for the company.

To complicate it further, companies need to be also aware of any changes in the law or about any new legislation that gets implemented during business to ensure proper labour compliance.

The penalties levied for not complying with these requirements can be really punitive. No company would want to pay a fine that could have been avoided with just a little extra care. Therefore companies can find it is a great decision to have a staffing agency handles its contract staffing needs. With the relevant expertise & experience, a great staffing firm can ensure all the labour laws & regulations are followed precisely religiously; allowing companies to make use of contract staffing without exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.


Contract staffing in India provided by a top staffing agency like TNT Business Services can be a game-changer when it comes to your company’s staffing needs. Reach out to us today or read more on our blog to find out how innovative staffing solutions can help your business succeed.

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