The Importance Of Timely, Comprehensive Appreciation Of Employees

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Why Your Company Needs Employee Appreciation

Appreciation is recognition of an employee’s inherent value. Both recognition and rewards contribute to employee appreciation. They are defined as below

  • Recognition: Your acknowledgment of an employee’s results, performance, or attitude. (In this context, this is a celebration of something positive.)
  • Rewards: A token of recognition, such as a gift or opportunity.

Employee appreciation in a proper, timely manner plays an important role in boosting engagement, productivity, and retention among employees that has been proven in scientific research studies!

What Are The Exact Benefits Of Employee Appreciation

Multiple researches performed across the globe has shown that companies with highly engaged employees comfortably outpace their competitors who do not follow similar policies by as much as 500% in shareholder returns across a long term! An actively disengaged employee can end up being a major detriment to the growth plans, ensuring companies can’t afford not to invest in engagement.

Here are just a few more facts that feed into the same:

  • The #1 reason people leave jobs is limited recognition and praise.
  • 81% of employees work harder when their boss shows appreciation.
  • 41% of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition report seeing increases in customer satisfaction.
  • 50% of employees would stay at their job longer if they felt appreciated.

Important Parameters Of Employee Appreciation

Your employee appreciation program should be custom made as per your company’s unique needs. At its core though, every program should provide the following for the business: 

  • The ability to easily recognize and reward employees in real-time.
  • The ability to measure the results of your program among employees.
  • The opportunity to reinforce behaviours that reflect your company’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Rewards that highlight and reinforce the work culture you want to foster.

Second, your recognition and rewards program should be linked directly to your company values. Identify the behaviours that reinforce your organization’s vision and reward them. Then your employees feel great about working toward the company’s goals —and everybody wins.

Employee Appreciation For Entire Work Teams

We are listing here a few of the tried & trusted means of employee appreciation in no particular order that has been used by companies to great effect.

  • Exclusive Days For Socializing & Games

Setting aside a day exclusively for socializing among your company’s employees can help not only reduces the work stress but also allow for better comradery ensuring happy employees all round.  

  • Gift Bags

Create a goody bag with fun gifts like company-branded clothing, lunch boxes, or water bottles. Include some eatable treats; add gift cards can be just the right thing that can improve your employee’s day!

  • Team Lunch Experience

Ensuring a shared meal can be a powerful binding factor that can bring about  a major uptick in employee morale, Plan & execute a meal at a great restaurant nearby for an unbeatable employee appreciation exercise.

  • Field Trips

Plan a field visit to a local museum, botanical garden, or park. Sign up for a factory, brewery, or winery tour. This not only allows your employees to better know your community but also brings them together!

  • LinkedIn Recommendations

On an individual level, there can be nothing better than a glowing endorsement of skills & work ethics, that too on a public forum. LinkedIn recommendations are the prime example public recognition of employees because it’s truly public.

Concluding, we hope that you will be able to use these employee appreciation methods to get your business on the path to success! For more immediate information on the best HR services in India, reach out to us today.

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